Seeing how you work, changes how you work.

What is SWOOP?

SWOOP provides a social network analytics platform that:

    • Enables faster organisational transformation by delivering deep organisational insights
    • Democratises access to analytics to drive individual ownership and accountability for collaboration
    • Provides common language and measurement for collaborative performance

SWOOP provides 20 years of experience packaged in more than 30 indicators and is:

    • Ready out-of-the-box with no need labour-intensive configuration
    • Accessible within a few hours
    • Has a unique security model which has passed stringent reviews by major companies

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Who is it for?

Organisations have invested heavily in employee engagement and collaboration initiatives to drive organisational performance. But is it working? SWOOP enables the entire organisation to measure engagement and collaborative performance.

SWOOP provides insights about connectivity, relationships and social capital. With SWOOP you can:

    • See your collaboration behavioural style
    • See where collaboration is happening across the organisation
    • See the most engaging discussions and topics
    • See key opinion leaders
SWOOP is tailored to four different audiences:


    • Get feedback about the value of your personal contribution
    • Grow your career through your networks
    • Quickly locate key people in other business units or communities

Business unit managers

    • Insights into your business unit's interactions with other business units
    • Insights into the collaborative health inside your own business unit
    • Help your teams become more collaborative

Community managers

    • Insights into community health
    • Quickly locate the informal community leaders
    • Determine if communities are engaging people from across the organisation


    • Track overall network health
    • Measure network efficiency
    • Demonstrate ROI
    • Assess the alignment of collaboration with organisational intent